Digital Media & Society

Digital Media is not just a technological development. It is highly social, and cultural. The new media devices and the participatory skills are helping coordinate audiences globally as well as locally. And these connected groups will gain new forms of social power. But it is also important to remember to take the structured power relations of the information society into account.

It is therefore important to visualize and sufficiently understand the overall dynamics and trajectories that ICTs may unleash on social, political and economic spaces and relations and how the ICTs themselves get impacted by the social, political and economic spaces and relations. It is even more so important in the current context where governments are in the process of designing and devising the policy and programmes for e-Governance and e-Regulations, which implicates almost the full range of governance activity in India. At this juncture, it is important that we deliberate and discuss to develop this real understanding of how this process has progressed and what may be the probable course of development, which will be useful in making future plans to serve the social, political and economic spaces and relations in the best interest of all.

FLAIR is involved in both “learning” and “action” on the theme of Digital Media and Society and understands that learning and action are iterative processes. Under this stream of work we do the following -

1.   We develop and promote innovative solutions for the cause of society with the help of digital technology. Few of our work on development and promotion of innovative solutions include –    “Voice Integrated Browser”   &     “EzzyPoshan”

    We are also working to develop a roster system of children of migrant labour in Delhi-NCR, using digital technology so that they can be mainstreamed in regular schools and there learning is ensured in conformity with the RTE Act, 2009.

2.   We organize workshops, seminars and conferences on the subject of “Digital Media and Society”. We are organizing a National Conference on “Digital Media and Society” in March 2018. The theme of 2018 is – “Digital Media and Inclusion”. (link to conference website). The “Conference” will be an opportunity to discuss the influence of new digital social media and Information Technology on social, political and economic spaces and relations and vice versa. We will encourage the participants to analyse whether there is something in the “Technology” of the new digital social media and Information Technology that could have or can help in bringing about only the desired changes in social, political, and economic spaces and relations. Therefore, it will be a combination of academic and research presentations and discussions as well as practitioners’ experience sharing or demonstrations. We will also have panel discussions of experts analyse the policy and practice of new digital social media.