Technology and Sustainable Development

As   communities develop and grow, they struggle with a variety of complex priorities such as safety and security, efficient delivery of government services, education, and healthcare. FLAIR believes that technology can provide access to resources that help spur social and environmental sustainability, and enhance the quality of life for its constituents.

Our forays in programme implementation in the social development sector are focused on intervention that have an interface with technology. We work to build innovative models that can be scaled up and mainstreamed/adopted through Public Programmes. We work on the dimensions of →
  • Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Child Education and Child Protection
  • Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Environment
  • Skills Development and Livelihoods

Currently, we are piloting a project on "Technology and Sustainable Development" - Project on Agriculture and Nutrition Connection in Guraru and Sherghati Blocks of Rural Gaya in Bihar where we are integrating the use of Solar Energy for Efficient, Effective and Sustainable Agricultural practices that help in producing nutrient rich food