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    We conduct training/workshops on Public Policy and Finance, Renewable Energy, Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods.
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    Support our initiative on mainstreaming children of migrant workers into school.
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    We work with the urban poor on the issues of health, nutrition, education, safe water and sanitation.
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    We work with policy makers and legislature for progressing and inclusive policies.
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    We are working on Internet and Mobile Safety for Children and Young People and Psycho-Social, Legal and Psychiatric Response and Support

Our Approach

FLAIR is a voluntary organisation working nation-wide across India to create, nurture and operate spaces for learning and action, where all stakeholders work together in the true spirit of partnership. We work to promote the best interests of marginalized groups and societies. FLAIR is unique in the sense that our reach ranges from the grassroots CBOs and Social Movements to Multilateral Corporations, UN Bodies and Governments, wherein we understand and share our perspectives from the local to the global level.

We focus on the continuous enhancement of our own capacities, facilitating better engagement with our partners, and to ensure that our work stays relevant at all times. We work with strong values of integrity, transparency, and accountability, providing customized and need-specific inputs to our partners and target communities. Innovation and Rigour are our cross cutting core values in everything that we do.


Planning for Billions

At FLAIR we are working on the concept – “Planning for Billions” that analyses the plan and budget of the Union of India and the States. We analyse to find out the following →

  • What are the requirements of planning for programmes/schemes adequate in terms of quantity and appropriate in terms of strategy?
  • Is the money allocated and spent on programmes/schemes adequate to match the requirements in terms of quantity and is the unit cost appropriate in terms of money required to accomplish the task?
  • Are the planning, budgeting and sanctioning/expenditure of money appropriately decentralized for efficient and effective performance of programmes/schemes?
  • Are the systems of monetary control and accountability by people of India and their representatives functioning properly for the government programmes/schemes?
  • What could be appropriate roles of corporate sector for accomplishing the social welfare goals in India?
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Technology and Sustainable Development

As communities develop and grow, they struggle with a variety of complex priorities such as safety and security, efficient delivery of government services, education, and healthcare. FLAIR believes that technology can provide access to resources that help spur social and environmental sustainability, and enhance the quality of life for its constituents.

    Our forays in programme implementation in the social development sector are focused on intervention that have an interface with technology. We work to build innovative models that can be scaled up and mainstreamed/adopted through Public Programmes. We work on the dimensions of →

  • Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Child Education and Child Protection
  • Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Environment
  • Skills Development and Livelihoods
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Digital Media & Society

FLAIR is involved in both “learning” and “action” on the theme of Digital Media and Society and understands that learning and action are iterative processes. Under this stream of work we do the following →

  • We develop and promote innovative solutions for the cause of society with the help of digital technology. Few of our work on development and promotion of innovative solutions include – “Voice Integrated Browser” (link) and “EzzyPoshan” (link). We are also working to develop a roster system of children of migrant labour in Delhi-NCR, using digital technology so that they can be mainstreamed in regular schools and there learning is ensured in conformity with the RTE Act, 2009.
  • We organize workshops, seminars and conferences on the subject of “Digital Media and Society”. We are organizing a National Conference on “Digital Media and Society” in March 2018. The theme of 2018 is – “Digital Media and Inclusion”. (link to conference website).
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