Our Approach

We approach every situation in a manner such that all stakeholders work together in the true spirit of partnership. We work to promote the best interests of marginalized groups and societies.

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Our reach ranges from the grassroots CBOs and Social Movements to Multilateral Corporations, UN Bodies and Governments, wherein we understand and share our perspectives from the local to the global level. We focus on the continuous enhancement of our own capacities, facilitating better engagement with our partners, and to ensure that our work stays relevant at all times. We work with strong values, integrity, transparency, and accountability, providing customized and need-specific inputs to our partners and target communities.

Approach to Programme

FLAIR strives to build capacities of CBOs, NGOs and Corporate by providing expertise and hand holding support with a results-based orientation, and equips partners with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with a wide array of socio-economic development issues across the country and internationally.

Approach to Capacity Building

FLAIR’s research is guided by its core value of rigour. Our research are done with clear objectives, which are developed in consultation with all concerned stakeholders. We conduct all our research within the ethical framework towards both – (i) Our clients and partners who are users of the research, and also (ii) The subjects and respondents in the research.

Approach to Research

We implement programmes to establish innovative methods and processes of doing things. Our programme implementation is mainly guided by our focus on bringing about innovation in the approach to tackle social issues. Our drive to innovation is guided by rigour, accountability and partnerships with expert individuals and organisations.


Our Vision

We envision a society that is developing sustainably and where people are participants and beneficiaries in the process of economic and technological development in an equitable manner for ensuring justice, liberty, and dignity.

Our Mission

FLAIR’s Mission is to promote and engage in processes of participatory learning and action with innovation and rigour, leveraging the benefits of economic and technological development, for ensuring health, nutrition and education of poor, marginalized and vulnerable people and/or communities and ensuring for them a life with equity, justice, liberty and dignity.



  • Accountability

  • Innovation

  • Rigour

“Our mantra is that the solutions to all the problems of the society have to be found through working together with all the stakeholders. Working together is possible only by working with highest standards of accountability, by working innovatively and by adhering to the principle of rigour in all the work that we do.”

Ajay Kumar Sinha

Founder and Executive Director, FLAIR

Since 2013 we have developed innovative solutions for more than 5 social problems through research, usage of technology and social and behavior change.



Our team consists of people from diverse experiences and expertise, public policy, law, technology, economics, finance, public health, arts and media.

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More than 20 Research Publications
More than 200 Workshops and Trainings
More than 50 Consultations, Seminars and Symposiums
Innovative Solutions Successfully Tested and Implemented
Innovations Labs


15 States of India

More than 100 Urban Local Bodies

More than 10000 Panchayats

More than 5000 Outreach Contact Persons at the Grassroots

More than 100 NGO Partners in the Forum

More than 100 Child Ambassadors

Annual Reports


Our policies reflect FLAIR’s operating principles. Most importantly, they seek to guarantee a protective environment for all the stakeholders, especially children who interact with our initiatives and programmes.

Child Safeguarding Policy

FLAIR is committed to ensuring that its programmes are respectful of, and accountable to, all programme participants. Children are particularly vulnerable and the primary focus of FLAIR’s work. This policy outlines how we ensure their protection.



Our privacy statement provides information about the ways in which FLAIR collects, stores, shares or keeps any personal information provided to the organisation – online and offline. We reserve the right to modify or amend this Policy from time to time without notice

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  • Young People in a Digital Society

    FLAIR works to ensure Online Safety and Well-Being of Children, Adolescents and Young People

  • Planning for Billions

    FLAIR works to improve planning and budgeting processes from local Governance level to Union Government

  • Technology and Sustainable Development

    FLAIR works on the interface of Technology and Sustainable Development



Engage with FLAIR to join the cause of good and purposeful planning and budget making for the poor and marginalised.

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Reach us: We regularly organize get together, brainstorming session, workshops, seminars and much more.


Regsitered Office- 1/7726, Gali Number-2, East Gorakh Park, Shahadara, Deli- 110032
Head Office- A-45/A, Sector 72, Noida 201301
Ranchi Office- H-162, Ground Floor, Harmu Housing Colony, Ranchi (Jharkhand)






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